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    Chicken menu not available at Randolph location

    Do-Rite uses hormone-free and never frozen, fresh chickens. Before cooking they are submerged in a bright and flavorful brine and seasoned marinade resulting in some serious juice and flavor! We take pride in our sandwiches so each one is prepared to order.

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    City parking can be a beast. When you order online, you can add CURBSIDE DELIVERY in the NOTES section to request delivery to your car. Call us when you arrive and we will bring it out to you.

    Delivery available 7 days a week, from 7am-2pm. Delivery charge is $9 in the delivery zone, and varies outside that zone, please call for more information. 1 dozen donut minimum. Delivery boundaries for Randolph are Ashland to the west, North ave to the north and Roosevelt to the south. Delivery boundaries for Erie are Clark to the west, Oak Street to the north and the river to the south.

    When you’re hungry, the last thing you want to do is wait on hold, repeat your credit card number and get disconnected. With Do-Rite Donuts’s app, ordering to-go has never been easier. All you do is order your favorites, share any special instructions and even tip in seconds. A push notification will alert you when your order will be ready. Plus, all of your orders will be saved in your profile for future reference. Get it on Google Play Google Play


    Amp up your special event with a sweet finish. You can send your wedding guests home with individually boxed donuts, build a donut wall for your business meeting or conference, and who needs a birthday cake when you can have a cake made out of donuts?

    To get started, contact


    Individual boxed glazed donuts: $3.95 each ($4.95 for gluten free, chocolate, vegan or nut varieties)
    minimum order 4 dozen

    Donut holes $.95 each
    minimum order 4 dozen
    cinnamon sugar, glazed, birthday cake

    Mini donuts $1.25 each
    minimum order 4 dozen
    chocolate, cinnamon, pistachio, birthday cake, glazed

    Donut wall: AQ

    Donut cake: AQ

    Raspberry filled Sufganiyoh

    On the shelf through 1/1/17. #hannukah

    #doritecollab 9/23/16

    Armie Hammer not only has a passion for acting, he also has a passion for food. He is taking time out from a busy filming schedule to work with Do-Rite Chefs Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan on a new donut collaboration—the White Chocolate Tiramisu. You will find this gem on the shelf at Do-Rite from 9/23 to 10/13. You will find Hammer next starring in "Birth of a Nation," opening on 10/7, "Nocturnal Animals," opening on 11/18 and in "Free Fire" in early 2017. IG: @armiehammer @jmahin @adventureswithscaggs

    #doritecollab 8/26/16

    James Beard nomination. Check. Food and Wine Best New Chefs. Check. Michelin Star. More checks. Do-Rite collaboration partner. Check exclamation point. Chef Giuseppe Tentori is The Man. His inspiration for a donut is the one he grew up with just outside of Milan; the Bombolone. It's a simple donut, filled with vanilla pastry cream and dusted with powdered sugar. It's just another demonstration that classics are classics for a reason. You can find the GT Bombolone at both Do-Rite locations through September 15th. You can find Chef Tentori at GT Prime at 707 N Wells, whose highly anticipated opening is days away. IG: @giuseppetentori @gtprimechicago707 @gtfishoyster @jmahin @adventureswithscaggs

    #doritecollab 8/5/16

    The sibling playing field has been leveled. Last August, there was Michael Voltaggio’s Breakfast of Champions Donut. This year, it’s big brother Bryan Voltaggio’s turn.

    Stepping up to the plate is the After School Donut. A raised bullseye donut with cream cheese icing, strawberry jelly and house candied peanuts, this harks back to Voltaggio’s favorite Mom-made sandwich. It’s an influential food memory and the seeds of culinary germination.

    Voltaggio has much in common with Do-Rite Chefs Francis Brennan and Jeff Mahin. Voltaggio and Mahin both rode together in Chefs Cycle this past June, raising over a million dollars for No Kid Hungry. They also share an intense passion for cooking and a willingness to share it with others. There are a lot of stories to tell, but it boils down to brother-from-another-mother-hood.

    Find the After School Donut at both Do-Rite locations through 8/26.

    #doritecollab 7/15/16

    Laurence Holmes is many things. Night time host at Sportsradio 670 The Score and host of the Morning Run at 120 Sports. He is a former DePaul Graduate, and a current adjunct Professor. He is a native Chicagoan, but most importantly—to us—he is a man who knows his donuts.

    Holmes has been coming in to Do-Rite since the beginning. We know what his favorites are, and we suffer along with him when he gives up donuts for Lent. So when he came to us with a great idea for a collaboration donut, our Chefs Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan took him right up on it.

    Say hello to the Laurence Holmes Chocolate Delight. Inspired by another of Holmes’ faves—the cupcake—it is a dark chocolate old fashioned with a buttercream frosting. On the shelf at both shops through 8/4.

    IG: @laurencewholmes @jmahin @adventureswithscaggs

    #doritecollab 6/24/16

    Day breaks, and a new donut collaboration is rising. Literally.

    Meet the CJ Jacobson Strawberry Rhubarb Bullseye. A raised donut filled with tangy Greek yogurt sweetened with honey, and topped with a jam of braised seasonal rhubarb and fresh strawberries, this is a balance of flavors that hits all of the right notes.

    Jacobson is a Top Chef Season 3 alum and Top Chef Duals winner who moved from California to Chicago last year to be Intro’s first chef in residence. He is poised for the opening next week of his new restaurant; Ema, in River North. Do-Rite Chefs Francis Brennan and Jeff Mahin were able to subvert his laser-like restaurant opening focus for just enough time to cull out the inspiration for this special donut.

    On the shelf at both Do-Rite shops for the next three weeks…go get it!

    Photo via IG @altonbrown

    We are here in no particular order! We are honored to be included in Alton Brown's list of his favorite doughnuts in the US.

    #doritecollab 5/27/16

    You could say sympatico. You could say synchronicity. You could also say Vulcan mind meld. This is how we feel about our partners at Chicago’s Dark Matter Coffee. Why do we love our friends at Dark Matter? They are innovative and ethical, interesting and tenacious, artistic and inspired. Their community stretches from the streets of Chicago to the coffee farms of El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. The result of their efforts resides in every cup of coffee we serve at Do-Rite.

    Our newest collaboration donut is the Vanilla Suburb. Inspired by George Clinton and the Parliament Funk lyrics, this embodies the complexity of the Dark Matter philosophy. It’s a raised donut with not one, but two fillings. The first is a Chocolate City coffee infused cream, the second is a chocolate ganache with a hint of cayenne. Finally, it’s dipped in a real vanilla bean glaze and finished with some chocolate latte art (as coached by Dark Matter’s Jesse Diaz). These wonderful things will be at both Do-Rite shops and all 3 Dark Matter locations for the next 3 weeks. And we are pretty comfortable suggesting some coffee to go with that.

    IG: @darkmattercoffee @Jmahin @adventureswithscaggs

    #doritecollab 4/22/16

    Danetanamo German Chocolate Cake Donut

    Our co-conspirator for the new Do-Rite collab is Dane Neal. Dane is a host and personality for WGN radio and has created and hosted national radio programs and features for over 15 years. He has interviewed everyone in food from Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay to the legendary Jacques Pepin… from Tom Colicchio & Top Chefs to Andrew Zimmern and the truly bizarre…Giada, Guy Fieri and our own Jeff Mahin. He is also a friend of Duff Goldman's, so this is a natural tag-you're-it in the collab series. Growing up, since the age of 5, German Chocolate Cake was always his requested birthday cake, which is perfect inspiration for a new donut creation. Chocolate cake old fashioned, classic gooey caramel, coconut and chopped pecan icing. This is on the shelf at both shops only until May 12, and this is a definite don’t-miss situation.

    Twitter: @danetanamo @AccessAppetite @jeffmahin @scaggsadventure  

    #doritecollab 4/1/16

    We just upped the ante with our new collaboration partner…Duff Goldman! Duff is perhaps best known from the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes, and he definitely knows his way around a pastry kitchen. He is also a pal of Do-Rite Chefs Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan, and previous collaborator Michael Voltaggio.

    So what did he come up with? The Blueberry Lemon Duffnut. It’s a cake donut that riffs on a muffin with blueberry swirl and some sassy lemon zest. It is only on the shelf through 4/21 at both Do-Rite locations.

    You can also find Duff and Jeff riding together this summer in the Chef’s Cycle for No Kid Hungry. Every dollar these chefs raise will provide 10 meals for kids. It is going to be epic…just like this donut.

    #doritecollab 3/4/16

    Let’s cut to the chase.

    Say hello to the Bang Bang Bourbon Glaze Pecan Pie Donut! It’s everything you love about the quintessential pie…and yet it’s a donut.

    Created in partnership with our friends from Chicago’s Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits. If you don’t know them, you should, because they are awesome. Do-Rite and Bang Bang have a lot in common. Both know that if you are going to take on simple, classic food, you have to do it as well as it can be done. Make it fresh, keep it local, and make it great.

    On the shelf only through 3/24.

    #doritecollab 2/11/16

    In celebration of 10 years of making pioneering music videos and unveiling a new one our newest Do-Rite Collab comes from Grammy Award winning alternative rock band OK Go! Originally bred in the windy city and eventually trading in their snow shovels for sunny LA., Ok Go has made headlines for their outside of the box music videos and innovative sound. This new video by OK Go features a track from the latest LP, Hungry Ghosts (Paracadute/BMG), entitled “Upside Down & Inside Out” which was shot entirely in zero gravity. Naturally when the boys teamed up with Chefs Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan for a donut inspired by such a theme they knew just what to do!

    Introducing OK Go’s Upside Down, Inside Out Donut: An upside down brioche bullseye, dipped in dark chocolate and toasted peanuts then inverted filled with an espresso cream and glazed in vanilla bean and peanut bits. We recommend eating at least 12 for the weightless effect. These will be on the shelf at both locations now through 2/24.

    #doritecollab is on hiatus!


    Because it’s our favorite time of year. It’s the New Year’s Eve of donut land…it’s Paczki season! Just before Lent, bakers of yore would use up every delicious ingredient in the kitchen that people would give up during Lent, and pack everything into the most decadent and sinful donut known to man; the Packzi.

    We are presenting 3 varieties this year: Key Lime, Raspberry Sugar, and Chocolate Hazelnut. These are only here 2/4 to 2/9/16, and quantities are limited. When we run out, we run out, so order in advance from or by emailing

    Oh…and it’s pronounced poonch-key. I know it doesn’t look like it, but there you go.

    #doritecollab 1/15/16

    What does an Australian company that makes garments for cyclists have in common with a Chicago artisan donut shop?

    A small batch mentality.

    When Black Sheep Cycling creates a garment, it is a limited edition. Once that garment sells out—that is it. It’s a level of exclusivity and a badge of pride for the rider who wears it.

    Making donuts in small batches ensures that Do-Rite donuts are always delivered at optimum freshness. Towards the end of the day, if they run out, they run out, but the last donuts standing are always perfect.

    How do they hook up? They ride together. Black Sheep’s John Polson and Do-Rite Chef Jeff Mahin have ridden together, and they both share a passion for bikes, donuts, and pushing the envelope. This leads to the new donut collaboration…

    The Black Sheep Chocolate Malt Old Fashioned, based on the memory of John’s daily childhood dose of chocolate malted milk. It springs into 3-D in Chefs Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan’s favorite donut. Available at both Do-Rite shops through 1/28/16.

    As always, a special shout to the original—Noelle Scaggs and Adventures with Scaggs!

    #doritecollab 1/1/16

    It’s a new, shiny year. It’s like a freshly opened, brand new jar of peanut butter, which is just how King Bach likes it.

    King Bach is an actor and comedian, and dominates the world of Vine with over 14.7 million followers. He is also a FOLM: Friend of LaMorne Morris, our most excellent collaboration partner from early December. LaMorne tags King Bach, and passes him the #doritecollab torch.

    Introducing the King PB&J: Brioche Raised Donut with chopped peanuts, peanut butter and strawberry jelly. He has been a fan of this combo since he was little, so this donut is a perfect incarnation of his inner child. Do-Rite Chefs Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan make that magic happen, and a new donut is born. Starting at Do-Rite on Erie only on 1/1, then available at both shops through 1/14/16.

    As always, a shout to Noelle Scaggs and Adventures with Scaggs!

    #doritecollab 12/18

    What is your holiday food tradition? It could be cookies, candy canes, or egg nog. It could be roasting chestnuts and Yorkshire pudding. It could even be Hot Pockets and semi-warm Schlitz guzzled while watching “Home Alone” in your parents’ basement. We don’t judge. The point being; everyone has one.

    For Katie Stevens, the food tradition that makes her think of home and holiday is a Portuguese pastry called Pasteis de Nata. The true version has a delicate, flaky crust and is filled with a rich cinnamon custard. This is the basis for the next in the Do-Rite collaboration series.

    Katie Stevens (MTV’s “Faking It”) is a FONS: Friend of Noelle Scaggs, the original #doritecollab-orator. Katie, meet Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan, the chefs and heroes of Do-Rite. Katie: Can you make my favorite Portuguese pastry into a donut?

    Jeff and Francis: Have you met us?

    The Doce de Nata #doritecollab: Brioche donut, tossed in cinnamon sugar, filled with toasted Portuguese egg custard and swirled with doce de liete. Here through 12/31/15.

    #doritecollab 12/04

    White chocolate usually takes a back seat to all of the uber fancy dark chocolates, but not today. Today white chocolate fights back. It’s taking a stand, and it has friends; heavy hitters such as bacon (boom), macadamia nut and cookie crumble. No longer will this sweet treat’s pearly white shine be overshadowed by dark chocolate. Today--and for the next two weeks--it will rule supreme.

    Lamorne Wake and Bacon Donut: Brain Child of actor Lamorne Morris (New Girl) and his pal, Do-Rite Chef/Partner Jeff Mahin.

    DONT FORGET IT HAS BACON ON IT. Have we mentioned that Lamorne really likes bacon?

    Through 12/17 at both stores.

    Once again, a special shout to Noelle Scaggs, the original #doritecollab-orator!

    #doritecollab 11/20

    What do donuts and tequila have in common?

    They are both excellent things to share with friends.

    Casamigos Tequila was originally created by longtime friends George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. Inspired by a collective enjoyment of the nectar of Jalisco, Casamigos was not originally intended to be sold. It was a private label to be enjoyed amongst friends.

    Do-Rite Donuts was conceived by two chefs working together in a fine dining restaurant. Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan discovered that not only were they from the same town outside of San Francisco, but that they had a mutual love of donuts.

    From this common basis comes come a unique partnership. Introducing the Casamigos Fritter, the new entry in the Do-Rite Collab series. With pineapple, lime, jalapenos and a tequila glaze, it tastes like the kind of party you want to attend. On the shelf at both Do-Rite locations 11/20 through 12/3.

    As always, a special shout to Noelle Scaggs, the original Do-Rite collaborator.

    #doritecollab 11/6

    Meet the Pumpkin Overlord. This is the brain child of renowned chef and restaurateur Andrew Carmellini and the ninja-like execution of Do-Rite Chefs Francis Brennan and Jeff Mahin, brought together by their pal Noelle Scaggs.

    The Overlord is the latest in the Do-Rite collaboration series: Pumpkin spice cake donut, apple brandy glaze, cream cheese frosting and spicy pumpkin seed brittle. On the shelf through 11/19, it’s a Carmellini experience in downtown Chicago.

    #doritecollab 10/23 Spoiler Alert

    More than a spoiler, really. It’s a flat out leak. A spillage.

    The next special donut starts today. It comes from our friends at The Infatuation. This one comes from two New Yorkers’ love for an iconic cookie: The Infatuation Black & White Donut. It’s a yeast raised donut, chocolate ganache filled, with the cookie’s signature ½ black-1/2 white glaze.

    The first 100 people who show up at Do-Rite at 233 East Erie with The Infatuation app on their phone will receive one of these donuts, for free.

    Who is The Infatuation and why are they doing this for you? The Infatuation is your new answer to "Where should we eat tonight?" Launched in New York City in 2009, this website and app has become one of NYC's most popular resources for restaurant reviews and dining guides, and now they've set up shop in Chicago. So, come get your hands on a Black & White donut and all the restaurant knowledge you could ever hope for.

    #doritecollab 10/9/2015

    If you were a donut, what would you be? What personality traits and quirks would come out in your donut avatar? Do-Rite Chef Jeff Mahin asked his buddy Josh Elkin this question, and after three rounds of arm wrestling and some competitive bird calling, this is what they came up with. Bear in mind Elkin’s reputation for some off the wall creations. Introducing the new #doritecollab (drumroll).

    The donut: The Whiskey Crunchy Munchie.

    Brioche raised donut with a chocolate and whiskey filling, dipped in brown butter glaze, drizzled in a salted caramel and rolled in pretzels and potato chips. This all speaks to Elkins' devotion to decadence and brown liquor in general.

    You can see Josh Elkin and Jeff Mahin together on upcoming episodes of Sugar Showdown on the Cooking Channel. You can find the donut on the shelf at both Do-Rite locations through 10/22.

    #doritecollab 9/25/2015

    Dave Beran has some culinary notches on his belt. He is the Executive Chef at Chicago’s Next Restaurant, co-owned by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas. He has garnered multiple James Beard award nominations, and won Best Chef, Great Lakes in 2014. With all of the accolades, in his free time, Beran likes to keep things simple…and mostly vegan. He is a longtime friend of Do-Rite Chefs Francis Brennan and Jeff Mahin, so this collaboration is a natural.

    The #doritecollab is inspired by some things Beran loves. Introducing the Vegan blueberry cornmeal pancake donut, vegan maple butter cream. As a dedicated runner, Beran is into blueberry pancakes for being both delicious and great endurance fuel. He also loves raw dough, especially cornmeal batter, so this donut is gently baked to maintain some of that great undercooked flavor. Think raw cookie dough. Available in limited quantities at Do-Rite through October 7, it’s time to get your vegan on.

    #doritecollab 9/11/2015

    The sport of cycling brings people together in a way that is unique. Riding together brings exhilaration and camaraderie. At the end of a long road, many cyclists like to cap things off with a shared meal; the final bonding ritual. When cyclists break bread together, the odds are pretty good that it will be over donuts.

    This is what brings together Rapha North America and Do-Rite Donuts. Rapha produces the finest cycling clothing and accessories in the world, and organizes rides and events all over the world. Do-Rite Chef Jeff Mahin is an avid rider, and devotes much of his free time to the sport of suffering. With Do-Rite having two locations in Chicago, and Rapha introducing a pop-up store at Halsted and Webster, it seems that they were destined to collaborate. Today we introduce the next in the #doritecollab series: Rapha Double Dark Chocolate Cherry & Hibiscus Bullseye. This special donut is available at Do-Rite locations for the next two weeks, and it is recommended for the most adventurous riders. The Rapha pop-up store will be open through 9/23/15, with an eye to opening a permanent location in Chicago in the near future.

    #doritecollab 8/28/15

    The third in the series came from Atlas Genius, the Australian Indie band introduced to Mahin once again by their pal Ms. Scaggs. With a new album launching on the same day as their donut special, the creative spark from Atlas Genius brought the Atlas Genius Friendly Ape vegan donut. Apples, cardamom glaze, and cinnamon oat streusel, this was both animal friendly and amazing.

    #doritecollab 8/13/15

    Chef Michael Voltaggio’s Breakfast of Champions. For chefs, breakfast is a personal favorite, and this donut packed in all of the best elements. Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Donut. Maple-bacon and egg custard filled, vanilla bean glazed, rolled in crunchy cinnamon cereal, a sprinkle of sea salt and caramel.

    #doritecollab 7/27/15

    It started as a lark, laid out over a few texts between Do-Rite Chefs Jeff Mahin and Francis Brennan, and their pal Noelle Scaggs, lead singer for Fitz and the Tantrums. Ms. Scaggs is an avid foodie and has a food and travel blog called Adventures with Scaggs. She also happen to be friends with Mahin and Brennan. The idea is to team up with like minded people and collaborate on a donut creation inspired by a passion for food and life.

    The first donuts created By Ms. Scaggs was Noelle’s Sweet Heat Old Fashioned, with a maple glaze and candied spicy Fresno chilis. Sweet like her personality, but with a little spice and sass.

    Do-Rite extra soft 100 % cotton tees. Pre-shrunk and ready to become your favorite. Send an email to to reserve for pick up at the store. Sizes S, M, L and XL (quantities are limited). FREE SHIPPING.

    I Heart Donuts, vintage black, $25

    Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Donuts, white, $20


    We make our donuts in small batches, never more than 36 at a time. Our goal is to deliver the freshest donuts every hour that we are open.
    We proudly offer a selection of Gluten Free and Vegan Donuts, made from scratch daily.
    $14.95 Mixed 1/2 Dozen
    $24.95 Mixed Dozen